Braslet St.Moritz

The St. Moritz sun on your wrist

The symbol of St. Moritz is available as a «St. Moritz Limited Edition Bracelet by Cruciani». This sunny accessory will brighten up your day and makes a fashionable statement on anyone’s wrist.

Bracelets by Cruciani have been trendy for years – as friendship bracelets, as a memento or simply as a fashion statement. The «St. Moritz Limited Edition Bracelet by Cruciani» was dreamed up and developed by Eveline Fasser Testa.  The idea is that the sun bracelets will carry St. Moritz out into the world and remind the wearer of St. Moritz. Eveline Fasser Testa: «I liked the idea of wearing the St. Moritz sun on my wrist. It is a fashion statement and also shows my connection with St. Moritz.» 

The limited edition is available in seven colours: Coral Red, Watergreen, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gold and Sandalwood.

And it’s not just the sun – the packaging is also designed to be reminiscent of St. Moritz.

The illustration reflects the long-standing St. Moritz tradition of commissioning famous artists for tourism advertising.

«St. Moritzer snow hare», Alex W. Diggelmann from 1955, «Snowball II» by Alois Carigiet from 1934 (© Heirs of Alois Carigiet CH) and «Woman in red coat» by M. Daester, approx. 1925. 

NEW with Swarovski Crystals

The «St. Moritz Limited Edition Bracelet by Cruciani» with the sun of St.Moritz is now available with precious Swarovski Crystals in 3 colors Black-Carbon-Lurex, Sandalwood-Lurex and Red.